Corporate Structure

A team of professionals having vast business and professional expertise administers the activities of us. The Chairman of the group has experiences in Hosiery & Knitwear business and has a wide connection among the business community in Bangladesh. The Directors of the Company is engaged in planning, directing and executing all the affairs from production to marketing, manufacturing and trading of other items having wide connection in home and abroad. With the experience of traveling globally, they conceive the ideas relating to products of diversified quality in terms of demand & consumption. The dynamic leadership quality of the Managing Director leads the company to achieve increasing targets of turnover in each year as well as the new ventures of the company.


Among the executives, Innovative Knitex Ltd. accumulated a team of professionals like Certified Financial Specialist, Chartered Accountants, Personnel Manager, Commercial Manager, Planning Manager, IE manager, Sales & Product Manager, well educated and a lot of experienced executives of different discipline under the supervision of the Managers. Moreover, the Company also employs technicians to achieve perfection in the field of Knitting, Product Development & Quality Control and anywhere required at any time.


In the production sectors, a trained team of supervisors guides workers in their day to day affairs. Production planning is made by the key personnel and is executed by the skilled workers under the guidance of the supervisors.


To exercise proper control over the activities of the Company, managers of all the divisions sit together on a certain interval and all the problems are solved through consultative decision. Any problem left over is referred to the Managing Director for decision. A sum up of each meeting is recorded and distributed to all concerned for monitoring and future reference.

About Us

Innovative Knitex Limited is one of the most successful knitwear manufacturers in Bangladesh; a country with great potential in the field of garment-manufacturing. Innovative has acquired a versatile production chain to cater flexible orders in shorter lead-time.

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